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Start Date : 01/January/1970

Girl Scout Programs


Does your Daisy, Brownie or Junior Troop need a program to

earn a Petal, The Brownie Dancer Badge or the Junior Staying Fit Badge?

We have the program for you!

Daisy’s, Brownies and Junior Scouts will join one of our instructors in a Dance Class that will fulfill all of the requirements for their Petal or Badge.

Each troop will receive a Fun Patch, Brownies and Juniors will also receive their Badge.

Program costs are:

Daisy Scouts: $8.00      Brownie Scouts $9.00      Junior Scouts $10.00

We ask that Leaders have at the minimum 8 scouts/maximum 15 to register and participate in the program.

Girl Scout Programs run September through May each year.

Please email us at [email protected] to choose a Friday or Saturday program date.

Click Here for Our Brochure   girl-scout-programs-2016-17